Background Information

Madlokovu business Pty Ltd, was established in 2013, mostly by family members, but we are currently working with different partners, and associates relevant in our business delivery. We are classified as level 3 BBBEE, 100% black-owned.

Our specialized business sector is in Information Communications and Telecommunications (ICT), we are mostly consulting on ADSL, WCDMA (3G), LTE, Microwave, Satellite and FTTX (fiber to the home and business). We are also supplying ICT equipment, PC's, Printers, routers, transmitters and microwave dishes etc.

Our Service

Customized ICT Network Architecture Solutions

ICT Infrastructure planning and installation e.g. microwaves,repeaters,satellites

Fiber optics (FTTX), Planning, Trenching, Installation and Commissioning

ICT Equipments supplying

ICT Skills Development and Training

Mobile consulting in RF network optimization and planning

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